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A Hat is a piece of cloth or personal garment that is worn on the head for different reasons such as protection from sunlight, ceremonial, safety, and religious, among others. In the years gone by, hats were often worn to differentiate social class. Moreover, hats are also worn as part of the uniforms identifying specific branch of  service, military, police, fire brigade, rank, regiment or nationality.  However, in the fashion crazy world, hats and caps have become integral components of personal fashion and styles. The history of hats dates back to ancient era but the emergence of hats as a popular personal accessory was noticed only by the beginning of the 19th century. In the 21st century, hats have become pieces of style statements especially due to the influences of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and other pop artists who have brought back the fashion of flamboyant and designer hats to the masses.

Besides being the part of fashion accessories, Hats are still used commonly as part of headgear in different branches of public services. Furthermore, some of the historical headgears also remain as items of antique values and collectibles and at many places in the world, different types of ancient hats are displayed in museums. Some of the most popular types of hats include: Ascot Cap, Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Beanie, Beret, Beaver Hat, Boonie Hat, Boater, Derby Hat, Busby, Bucket Hat, Cricket Cap, Conical Asian Hat, Coonskin Cap, Swimming Hat, Graduation Hats, Waynes World Hat, Custodian Helmet, Fedora, Flat Cap, Gatsby, Garrison Cap, Hard Hat, Panama Hat, Party Hat, Petrol Cap, Pith Helmet, Shanta Hat, Monkey Cap, Top Hat, Student Cap, trucker Hat, Turban, and Umbrella Hat, among others.

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